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Take Survey  or Give Feedback : Feedback surveys are essential for gauging the customers’ satisfaction and learning where you need to improve. By conducting feedback survey the organization can rectify their mistakes and act according to it. The feedback survey is also helpful for the customers to view their opinions on the service and products offered by the organization. This is the reason Panda Express is conducting Feedback Survey in order to know the satisfaction level of their customers. The survey helps the restaurant chain to meet the expectations of their customers and make changes according to their customer’s will. Finally, the Feedback survey helps to Avoid making mistakes, and you’ll have a better survey, happier customers, and more data to improve their experience.

About Panda Express:

Panda Express is a fast casual restaurant chain which serves American Chinese cuisine. Panda Express was founded in the year 1983 in Glendale, California, U.S. Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng are the founders of Panda Express. The headquarters of Panda Express is at 1683 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California, U.S. Panda Express is the largest Asian segment restaurant chain in the United States with more than 2000 locations. Panda Express restaurants can be found mainly in shopping mall food courts. In recent times Panda Express chain is operating its units in many other environments and formats, including stand-alone restaurants, as well as universities, casinos, airports, military bases, amusement parks, and other venues.

Take Survey  or Give Feedback

The products of Panda Express are American Chinese cuisine. The menu consists of a variety of Chinese-cuisine-inspired dishes like Orange Chicken, Firecracker Chicken Breast, Beijing Beef, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken. Combo meals are served with customer’s choice of either fried rice, steamed rice, chow mein, or mixed vegetables. No MSG is added to any of the items at Panda Express after it has been delivered to the restaurant, nor does Panda Express purchase from any suppliers who add MSG.

Panda Express serves in United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Guatemala, El Salvador. Around 24,995 employees work in all the locations of Panda Express. The estimated revenue of Panda Express is more than $3 billion. Andrew Cherng and his father, Master Chef Ming-Tsai Cherng, opened the first Panda Inn in Pasadena, California in 1973. The menu is inspired by the flavors of Mandarin and Sichuan cuisine, while the service is genuinely warm and welcoming. Thriving for over 40 years, Panda Inn is a beloved institution within the Southern California neighborhood it serves.

Rules and Regulations

Here are the rules and regulations that you must follow and fulfill to participate in the survey

  • The survey is open for the legal residents of The United States of America.
  • The person participating in the survey must be of age 18 or more.
  • You need to have the receipt or the details on the receipt to participate in the survey.

How to participate in Panda Express Feedback Survey?


  • Pc or Smartphone.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Recent receipt of Panda Express.

step by step procedure:

  1. visit the official survey site of Panda Express
  2. The above link directs you to the survey page of Panda Express.
  3. On the home page of the survey page, initially, you have to enter the four or five digit store number located at the top of the receipt. Then click on the next option.
  4. Then you have to answer the question that did you visited the Panda Express located at ….,(depends on the store no you have entered). Then click on the next option.
  5. In the next page, you have to enter the order number found on the front of your receipt.
  6. After entering the Order number click on the next option. You will be directed to a new page.
  7. On this page, you have to provide some information like the date you visited the restaurant, The time of day you have visited, and your order type. After answering all the questions click on Next option.
  8. In the next page, you have to rate your overall satisfaction based on your recent experience. Then click on the next option.
  9. In the next page, you have to answer the question Based on this visit what is the likelihood that you will return to this express panda? and Based on this visit what is the likelihood that you will recommend to others? and click on the next option.
  10. In the next page, you can suggest anything to panda express and click on next option.
  11. In the next page, you have to give the rating for their service and satisfaction level with their staff and click on next option.
  12. In the next page, you have to rate for the quality of food and satisfaction with the accuracy of your order and satisfaction with the value of your meal and click on next option.
  13. In the next page, you have to answer did you get any free meal or not and click on next option.
  14. In the next page, you will be asked did you tried Honey Sesame chicken breast or not. Answer it and click on the next option.
  15. In the next page, you have to comment on your opinion genuinely and click on next option.
  16. By this, the survey is completed and in the end, you will get a redemption code. note down it and you can redeem the offer printed on your receipt on your next visit.

Pand Express Mail Address:

Panda Express Guest Care, P.O. Box 1159 Rosemead, CA 91770.

The Panda Express + Tea Bar, outside of the original Innovation Kitchen, is one of three restaurants that serve the “burrito” to patrons. You can’t find the item at just any Panda Express. If burritos aren’t your thing, the Panda Express + Tea Bar also serves customizable salads — an item that isn’t offered at regular Panda Express locations. The Tea Bar portion of the restaurant lives up to its actual name. Customers can choose from a variety of different milk teas and fruit teas from the tea bar menu. Drinks are either pre-made for those who are in a hurry, or you can have a drink made to order. Beverages can be customized with add-ons like tapioca pearls, lychee jelly, aloe vera, and chia seeds.

Orange chicken, Honey Sesame Chicken breast, String Bean Chicken Breast, SweetFire Chicken Breast, Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Chicken, Balck Pepper chicken, Broccoli Beef, Shanghai Angus Steak, and Beijing Beef are the entrees of Panda Express.


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